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Monday, July 23, 2012

Triple Play Cable Bundles Tend to Be Slow and Expensive in America

I was just reading this Forbes article:, which is about World Wide broadband prices and compares the cost and speeds of broadband internet service in much of America and the rest of the world.

As the article notes, in much of the United States internet speed is fairly slow for the prices charged. There is not a lot of broadband competition in many areas and the choice is to pay a lot for slow internet or go without broadband service completely. The article takes note of the subject of this blog: triple play bundles. Triple play bundles, of course, refer to the triple play pakacges that include phone, internet, and cable or other digital television service. Often the triple play cable bundle is the most cost effective way to receive your broadband service. Providers often lower the price of one or more services significantly if the consumer purchases all 3 services.

The article does mention that these triple play packages don't always provide great broadband speed for the prices charged. That is true. However, just because good deals on broadband are hard to find does not mean you will not find good deals on your area.

I reommend using our broadband service lookup tool at the top of this page, as this will let you know what is available in your area.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Triple Play TV Packages

A triple play is 3 outs in baseball but it can also refer to 3 home entertainment services packaged in one bundle from your local phone or cable company. This blog will talk about so-called triple play cable packages from Charter, Time Warner, Comcast, ATT and more.